Online training - ITB course for Advanced users

A series of 3 educational webinars

The role of ITB in the treatment of supra-spinal and spinal spasticity

At the end of these 3 educational webinars, participants will be able to: Know the clinical evidence supporting post-stroke spasticity and Early Treatment, evaluate high function vs. low function and administer best treatment, manage post-stroke Hemiparesis, apply trialing methods also in difficult cases, manage concomitant ITB with BoNT-A and CMM therapies, understand the advanced programming options by indication/function, manage difficult troubleshooting situations, address the benefits of a multidisciplinary team set-up for optimal patient management.

Target Audience:

  • ITB referrers
  • Neurologists
  • Rehabilitation medicine physicians 

Who treated at least 5 patients with ITB

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