Chronic Pain Management with Spinal Cord Stimulation - Master phase Graduation

Course description

The goal of this course is to build hands-on skills in all aspects related to the use of neurostimulation for chronic pain management. This course will mainly focus on programming as well as clinical case discussions and multi-disciplinary in-centre approach to pain management.

Over the course the participants will acquire confidence and competences in performing SCS cases, having the opportunity to be trained by a leading faculty of European experts in the field of pain management and SCS. This session is concluding a series of training programs.

Learning objectives

During this training session participants will have theoretical sessions as well hands-on programming training and clinical case discussions. Advanced learning of the therapy.

Target audience

The Program welcomes 20 pain management specialists with limited knowledge of Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy: Pain anaesthesiologists and Neurosurgeons 

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