Brussels - Advanced Neuromodulation Therapies: A blended learning journey from Anatomy and Basic Science to Best Practice

Course description

This course offers an opportunity to experienced users of Neuromodulation Techniques for the treatment of Chronic Pain to discuss with expert colleagues current and new treatment modalities for various intractable painful conditions. The training will start will a virtual introduction, there will be presentations on topics that will be discussed during the face-to-face training. The discussions on the first day will focus on ailments that will help the participants better understand the new treatment modalities, patient selection process, and implant techniques that lead to a successful treatment of such conditions as Cervicogenic Headache, Low Back Pain, Peripheral Neuralgia among others. During the second part of the program participants will have the possibility to practice implant techniques in embalmed bodies prepared for this purpose. 

Target Audience

Pain management specialists experienced using neurostimulation and intrathecal drug delivery for chronic pain management:

·       Pain anesthesiologists and anesthetists 

·       Neurosurgeons

·       Physiotherapy specialists 

·       Palliative care specialists

·       Neurologists

·       Nursing staff

Learning objectives

At the end of this training participants will:

·       Master the new treatment modalities

·       Select patients 

·       Implant neurostimulators and ITDD pumps 

·       Manage implant complications

·       Program and troubleshoot an implant with advanced features 


Upcoming dates

  • Extra event info

    New dates of postponed January training. Training will be in English language.

    This training program was granted 12 credit points with RIZIV in Belgium
    September, 5: 1,5 C.P-ID21023471
    September, 9: 6 C.P-ID21023476
    September, 10: 4,5 C.P-ID21023480

    Mdeon visum: 22/V1/9082/119846

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