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Assoc. Prof. Wolfsberger

Dr Stefan Wolfsberger
Department of Neurosurgery
Medical University Vienna - Austria

Dr. Stefan Wolfsberger, a native of Vienna, Austria received his medical and neurosurgical training from the Medical University of Vienna under the supervision of Chairman Wolfgang Koos and Engelbert Knosp. In 2005 he was appointed Associate Professor of Neurosurgery.

His research interests include skull base and ventricular endoscopy, advanced imaging techniques in neuroendoscopy, multimodal neuronavigation, 3D visualization, surgical simulation and intraoperative tissue interrogation techniques. 

In 2012 he has completed a clinical fellowship with Dr. Sutherland of Calgary, Canada, gaining experience with iMRI and integrating navigation, and 3D imaging with the neuroArm robot. Thereafter, he has been involved in a project developing a novel miniature cranial positioning robot for neurosurgery in Austria.
He has been appointed Adjunct Professor with the University of Calgary Department of Clinical Neurosciences in 2012. Also, since 2012 he has been Assistant Medical Director of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Medical University Vienna. 

Stefan Wolfsberger has been organizing annual international workshops combining DTI-tractography and white matter dissections in a unique way in Vienna and Calgary since 2008.