Hochzirl - The role of ITB in the treatment of supraspinal and spinal spasticity

Course description

1,5-day advanced program on Targeted Drug Delivery for referring physicians.

Target Audience

For Health Care Professionals who: - want to actively refer and be involved in patient management and refill, - have already started with Targeted Drug Delivery and did patient follow-up, - want to know more about complex cases, better management, difficult patients

Learning objectives

At the end of the training participants will be able to have a better understanding of the management of special cases related to:

  • Be able to know the early treatment and how to increase function and to improve patient outcome
    • be able to know the clinical evidence to support early treatment and post stroke spasticity treatment
    • be able to know how to manage and when to treat high function versus low function (bed, wheelchair, walk)
    • be able to know how to manage hemiparesis post stroke
  • Be able to know trial and follow-up management and
    • be able to know how to apply the drug + CMM
    • be able to know how to place BoNT-A and compare with ITB pharmacokinetics
    • be able to know how to manage concomitant ITB with BoNT-A
    • be able to know more dosing by indication
    • post stroke spasticity drug management
  • Be able to perform advanced programming
    • be able to know integrity of the pump and how to recognise the functionality of the pump system
    • advanced programming including post stroke drug administration
    • advanced troubleshooting
  • Be able to address the benefits of a multidisciplinary team set-up for optimal patient management

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