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Prof. Saltuari

Current position

Medical Director, Department of Neurology and acute Neuro-Rehabilitation, Tirol-Kliniken GmbH, LKH Hochzirl-Natters, Zirl (AUSTRIA) 

Past President of the European Federation for Neurorehabilitation Societies (ECNR)

Scientific Director of the Research Unit for Neurorehabilitation South Tyrol (ITALY)

Member of the scientific panel of the World Federation for Neuro-Rehabilitation(WFNR)

Past President of the Austrian Society of Neurorehabilitation (ÖGNR) Vicepresident of the Austrian Neuromodulation Society (AUNS)

Working Experience

1978-1980: Ospedale di Bolzano, Department for Neurology, Bolzano (Italy) - Physician Assistant

1980-1983: University Hospital Innsbruck (Tirol-Kliniken GmbH), Department for Neurology, Innsbruck (Austria) - Physician Assistant

1983-1995: University Hospital Innsbruck (Tirol-Kliniken GmbH), Department for Neurology, Innsbruck (Austria) - Physician, Head of department, Director of Therapy (Physician, Occupational and Speech therapy), Director of the Laboratory for Evoked Potentials

1995-present: Department of Neurology and acute Neuro-Rehabilitation, Tirol-Kliniken GmbH, LKH Hochzirl-Natters, Zirl (Austria) - Medical Director, associate Professor

Medical/Scientific collaboration/Memberships

Since 1985: Election from the Government of South Tyrol (ITALY) for Development of National Laws for Rehabilitation 

1987-1988: Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas. The main area of this research assignment was the treatment of spasticity and pain in hemiplegic and spinal cord injured patients, as well as the treatment of pain by techniques of restorative neurology

1988-2000: Medical Director of the School for Occupational Therapy

1992: Member of the “Project Group for Neurological Rehabilitation“, reporting to the government of Tyrol (AUSTRIA)

1992: Award “Venia legendi in Neurology” with the theme “Baclofen in Spasticity“, in which the efficacy of intrathecal application of Baclofen in cases of supraspinal spasticity was described for the first time

Since 1994: Director of the Ludwing Boltzmann Institute, Restaurative Neurology, University Innsbruck 

Since 1996: Vicepresident of the Austrian Neuromodulation Society (AUNS)

2002: Election as President of the Austrian Society for Neurorehabilitation

Since 2010: Scientific Director of the Research Unit for Neurorehabilitation South Tyrol/ Italy

Since 2012: member of the Editorial Board of Functional Neurology

2015-2017: President of the European Society for Neurorehabilitation


  • Lecturer in the further education for Physical Therapists in Neurorehabilitation at the Scientific Academy of Lower Austria (AUSTRIA)
  • Lecturer for Neurorehabilitation and Evoked Potentials at the University for Medicine, Innsbruck (AUSTRIA)
  • Lecturer of the Institute for Sport Science, University for Medicine, Innsbruck (AUSTRIA) 
  • Lecturer at the University of applied Studies for Health Care, Claudiana, Bolzano (ITALY), teaching courses for Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy

Area of interest

  • Motor control
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Treatment of Spasticity
  • Intrathecal Baclofen
  • Robotic Treatment
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neuropharmacology

Scientific publications

Dr. Saltuari has submitted over 95 publications dealing with neurorehabilitative subjects as well as with acute neurological topics.